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Otathan huomioon, että tämä on yli 18 vuotta vanha artikkeli, joten sisältö ei ole välttämättä ihan ajan tasalla. Olin artikkelin kirjoittamishetkellä 18-vuotias.

I’m living in english now. Ha. Three english exams and one to go. Courses 7, 8 and 9. I worked with vocabulary yesterday. I studied words and topics like cultivation, subsidies, timber, fad… economical, political and green (environmental) words. Today’s exam went well. Filling the missing words and answering A B or C took only about an hour. At least I’m happy. I love exam weeks because every exam-day I can leave school and go home in the morning right after the exam. Today I was at home about at 11 am.

I got a message from Juhani:

Hi. My name is Jack Thursby! How is exam week going? Good luck! I have 3 gigs at the weekend with Rooks. Btw, have you seen Rita Foster? Yours, Morgan Sullivan.

I laughed. I borrowed him some movies last week. He has apparently watched five-star-movie called ”Cypher”. Morgan Sullivan. Ghee-hee!

Rainy days and more rainy days. The fall is here. I love colorful threes and skies. I have been listening Yann Tiersen (french sountrack-director of the Amélie movie). His piano-melodies are just too loving nostalgic and they are perfect for this weather. I learned a song called ”le Moulin”. I mean I played it with my piano. I just listened the song twice trough and then played. It was hard song, but I managed to play it. Cool, huh?

Last english exam is tomorrow and then begins the new period (number 2). I wish I would be better student. I’m so freaking lazy. And I just like to sit and do stuff on computer. My room is now clean and shiny. And I’ve got new desk and chair. Cool, huh? Did you know that SpongeBob SquarePants rules!

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